LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

Ragoutoutou #2715.03.2022


Ragoût de jazz et hip-hop
Avec Maxence et Mathias

- Dionne Warwick. Caravan
- Don Blackman. Deaf Hook-up Connection
- Pierre de Bethman. Oui-Oui
- Herbie Hancock. Ready or Not
- Tony Malaby Trio. Adobe-What is this thing called Love
- MC5. Kick out the jams
- La théorie du chaos. La théorie du chaos
- Bad Brains. Right Brigade
- Sleaford Mods. Shubbed up+Routine Dean
- Public Enemy. Louder than a bomb
- Soweto Kinch. The New emancipation-Axis of Evil
- Antipop Consortium. Who am I ?
- Sixtoo. Almost a dop on a map-destroy
- Jacno. Rectangle
- Jean Constantin. Les pantoufles à Papa


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