LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

Instables d'Écoute 0507.11.2022


Sexe, genre et création: une sélection d' oeuvres qui fait hommage à la force des femmes

1-Peaches I don’t give a fuck
2-Micachu and the shapes Turn me well
3-Alma Kroll Elster
4-Pauline Oliveros Bye -bye butterfly
5-Meredith Monk Do you be
6-Diamanda Galás The sporting life
7-Sonic Youth Halloween
8-Puce Mary Dissolve
9-Chicks on speed For all the boys in the world
10-Otoboko Beaver Don’t light my fire
11-God is my co-pilot About how I hate boys
12-DJ Vadim &Sarah Jones Your revolution
13- FMX Hommage au vagin hurlant
14- The Slits Typical girls
15-Le Tigre Get off the internet
16-Free kitten Gaa
17-Chicaloyoh Money machine


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