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LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

1 foutoir 2 dingues saison 5 épisode 1112.03.2024


Alone on Mars

1 Lucinda Williams "It take a lot to laugh,it take a train..
2 The waterboys " This is the sea"
3 Syd Barrett
4 Vanilla Fudge " You keep me hanging on"
5 The Amber Boys "Baby please don't go"
6 Jimi Hendrix "Are you expérience ?"
7 Eric Burdon "Yes I'm expérience"
8 The Cure "Foxy ladie"
9 The rolling Stones "Stone"
10 The velvet underground "Sister Ray"
11 Joy Division "Sister Ray"
12 Lucinda Williams" " Political World"


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