LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

LIVE RADIO 17:00 PM / 23:00 PM (UTC+2)

1 foutoir 2 dingues saison 4 épisode 720.12.2022


Tendance jazz mais pas que…

Dresh Dudas Mihaly Quartet Bànat, bànat
Matelot Ferret Gagoug
Willie Nelson Où es tu mon amour ?
Willie Nelson I never care for you
Marty Robbins On the sunny side of the..
Bobby Darin Mack the knife
Judy Garland Come rain or come shine
Kenny Dorham Minor's holliday
Rabih Abou-Khalil ?
Shandi He's a dream
Ian Gomm 24 hours service
Dean Martin Everybody loves somebody
Humair Jeanneau Texier Rampoon


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